ERP as a Service or as a Capital Investment?

How you'd like to finance the ERP system?

Financing ERP as a Service

ERP as a service has many advantages: there is no investment needed, and we take care of the health of the system. In short - everyone is doing what knows the best. 

The cost of ERP as a service is predictable and constant, with no surprises at upgrades, SW maintenance, and customization, or integration costs. Since it has no influence on your long, or short term debts, you can invest in other assets and developments.

  • No initial capital investment - you pay as you go
  • Complete ERP system management: Implementation, Upgrade, Optimization, Migration, Customer support
  • Complete solution: ERP, EDI, Bar Code
  • Pro-active care for running and developing the system
  • Solution can be installed either on premise (on HW as a service or your HW), or in cloud
Financing ERP as a Capital Investment

ERP as a capital investment may be your preferred choice: maybe you want to manage ERP by your own crew, or maybe you decide to invest more capital in the beginning, and continue later only with SW maintenance and support.

  • High initial capital investment - before start using the system. 
  • Management of the system is prioritized by customer. 
  • The probability for 'system erosion' is much higher, because upgrades are usually postponed to 'better times'. 
  • The cost of usage is not predictable, and very likely unstable.
  • It is available with ERP installation on premise only.

erp as service vs capital invest

Where you'd like to run the ERP system?

ERP On Premise

For many companies on-premise installation of ERP is still the best solution, for many reasons:

  • The entry level cost for cloud is maybe too high, or just higher than on premise solution
  • The local IT experts are competent, yet less costly than support in cloud
  • Internet connections are unstable
  • Real-time integrations and response time performance levels are at risk
  • Not feeling comfortable saving your confidential data in cloud

Especially for small and medium companies - but also for larger companies with sites in one or few countries only - on-premise installation is still preferred choice. This choice is also backed by the possibility of migration of the same system in the cloud later, which is doable if the system is managed on premise correctly - and in case of ERP as a service it is.

ERP In Cloud

QAD Cloud ERP provides you the freedom to focus on your products and customers without the distraction of administering your ERP. Let us manage your hardware and systems. Think about the possibilities of putting your valuable resources to work on more strategic projects, accelerating your journey toward the Effective Enterprise.

Whether you’re looking to move your on premise solution to the cloud, want to keep some sites on premise and some in the cloud, or are in the market for a new ERP platform — we’ve got you covered. Our full-featured, vertical-focused, cloud and on premise solutions work as well together as they do independently.

Manufacturers want a cloud ERP solution that is complete, dependable and flexible enough to change with the demands of the business. They need a solution that:

  • Includes all the features they need to run their global manufacturing business and provides worldwide support in local languages
  • Supports industry and government certification requirements
  • Makes mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and joint ventures easy to manage and report with flexible general ledger chart of account structures, automatic consolidations and simple reporting
  • Delivers enterprise-class availability and security —with a proven track record
  • Is easy to deploy, learn, and manage, requiring less user training and reducing or eliminating mundane IT tasks that drain resources
  • Enables rapid adoption of ERP innovations but only when it makes business sense
  • Reduces the risk of moving to the cloud through self-paced migration and the ability to run cloud and on premise simultaneously through proven services
  • Makes costs and budgeting more predictable