Us: M2M

m2m logo tWe started the company with the mission: To offer manufacturers specialized and affordable manufacturing ERP system, together with the implementation of the industry best business practices.

Today, M2M is both QAD's Channel Partner and Solution Partner.

As a Channel Partner we distribute QAD's ERP - QAD Enterprise Applications - in countries: Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Beside these countries we also work on international projects in Lithuania, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Italy.

Our core business is providing implementation and support services for QAD Enterprise Applications, including QAD ECommerce services, and developing custom programs. M2M cooperates with QAD in making QAD Enterprise Applications compliant with our local law demands. As a partner of many specialized solution providers we implement additional products with the core ERP, e.g.: bar-coding solutions, external EDI services, and integrations on demand

M2M is also QAD's Solution Partner with its own product suite: M2M Advanced Costing Modules (ACM). M2M ACM is IFRS compliant costing solution which include FIFO, Weighted Average, Product & Services Costing. Becouse of its extensive setup features, ACM can be law environments.

M2M is also partner of Odette International, and provides MMOG/LE related services, like: MMOG/LE compliant ERP implementations, MMOG/LE assessments, and MMOG/LE training.

We are, and we will remain committed to our mission and will prove this with our products and services for our customers. The measure of our success will remain our  customer’s success!