Timely Analytics for On-the-Spot Insight.

Monitor your business performance with built-in key performance indicators

You need a variety of trusted information to run your business effectively and to provide insight that supports strategic decision-making. QAD Analytics includes flexible built-in metrics, role-specific operational dashboards, and advanced analytics using multiple data sources.


  • Business Intelligence: Make better, faster strategic decisions by looking at unified data from multiple sources.
  • Mobile BI: QAD Mobile BI runs on any mobile device.
  • Operational Metrics: Make decisions for leaner and more efficient operations with a dashboard of the company’s vital signs.
  • Reporting Framework: Create and run forms and reports with an intuitive drag-and-drop designer.
  • Workflow Alerts: Ensure information flows to the responsible individuals with alerts and notifications.

Process & Performance

  • Business Process Management: Document, automate, manage, analyze and improve your processes.
  • Performance Monitoring Framework: Observe and react to performance patterns and trends over time.